Spare A Thought

Earth. This big, beautiful planet we live on should be cherished. Although we may take it for granted, it’s important to step back in our day-to-day lives to recognise, appreciate and admire it. For thousands and thousands of years, our planet has provided us with shelter, food and water. But as well as this, it has given each of us a chance to live – to laugh, to cry, to make friends, to share and most importantly, to love.
For a moment, imagine yourself travelling back in time 150 years. The first petrol car was invented, education became compulsory for children under 10 years of age, telephones and computers were still 50 years off being invented. Life was very different. If people alive in the late 1800s could see the world now, what would they think? What would they feel? Joy, surprise, sadness, disbelief…? There have been immense changes to the world since then: there are more models of smartphone than we know what to do with, our fastest cars can go 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds, there are hundreds of thousands of flights worldwide everyday (in normal times)… The developments have been incredible and it shows what an amazing species humans are.

Unfortunately, however, the planet is suffering. Many of the developments we have seen over the past couple of centuries have caused enormous increases in CO₂ emissions, massive plastic production and use, and the destruction of animals’ homes and habitats… It is an issue that affects us all. Humans have been capable of inventing and discovering things which, a few hundred years ago, would have seemed impossible. There is no doubt that we have the ability to help our planet heal, but we must work together, as one.

Looking on the positive side, there have already been great steps towards changing our impact on the environment. Climate and ecological emergencies have been declared by many governments around the world . Renewable energy is on the rise. Several animal species, whose numbers were dwindling, are now back on the upward climb. Trees are being planted worldwide – according to WWF, Ethiopia planted around 250m trees in one day!

We are currently experiencing challenging times, and it may be difficult to have space in your thoughts for the planet while the world is so affected by coronavirus. However, keep doing all you can to reduce your impact on our environment, no matter how small it may be: check all packaging for recycling advice, choose food and drink options with the least plastic, aim to use a little less water for showering, look out for products that contain sustainable palm oil, carry recyclable shopping bags… There are many ways to contribute and although it may take a little more time out of your day to think and act with the environment in mind, it is definitely worth it!
Let’s do all we can to help, whatever it may be. Together we can make a difference; together we can heal Earth, our home.