How do we reconnect after lockdown?

For some of us, it can be hard to motivate ourselves to get out and be active. So how do we pick up the pieces of our life after these lock downs are over?

Yes I know some of you will find it no trouble at all, but there will be many who will come out of this period and quite simply talk themselves out of restarting their old activities or new activities.

It’s easy to find the excuses, how about: I haven’t kept up my fitness I’ll have fallen behind?

Or perhaps: I should have stayed in touch with everyone during the lockdown and now they probably don’t even remember me?

Finally of course: Well I wasn’t really into it, so now is a good time not to go back/rejoin?

It’s the same when we want to try something new; we seem to find it far easier to find reasons not to start, instead of just going for it?


When you start withdrawing into your own world, when you are feeling lonely or isolated, when the shadows of depression start to cloud your thoughts, motivation is one of the first casualties.

It’s not easy to pick up the pieces when you yourself don't even know what you want to do.

You might be thinking nobody will notice if you don’t go back to the yoga class or the running club or whatever you were doing. You might even be thinking nobody even cares?

Photo by Anthony Tran / Unsplash


Some of you might be reading this thinking I’m crazy, and that you can’t wait to get out and back into the old routine, or to start ticking off the “bucket list” that you’ve had plenty of time to think about?

But trust me I’m not crazy (well no more than anyone else), if we are serious about helping to end loneliness, to reconnect communities then we need your help!

If you haven’t heard from someone or if you notice they haven’t come back to the club or class then give them a call, or if you see them stop and have a chat. Take the time to go for a coffee, take the time to reconnect.

I think we all see our frailties when we look in the mirror, and we tend to look at others and only see their strengths?

I Can See My Soul
Photo by Fares Hamouche / Unsplash

Which I believe encourages us to assume everyone else is okay. We’ll make excuses as to why someone hasn’t turned up based on the strengths we see, rather than the frailties they see.


So ask yourself this, when was the last time you helped someone you know, but who’s not in your immediate circle of friends, by inviting them out on your next run, bike ride, yoga class, coffee morning etc?

Coffee always tastes better with company

Reach out, and be someone who wants to help end loneliness, be someone who wants to help make the world a better place.

Start to reconnect your community, because we can only end loneliness together.

Post it, Host it