3 Reasons to Get Outside Today

We all get those days where we end up being inside for the whole day, by intention or not. Maybe you’re cramming in last minute revision for exams, have started sorting through a pile of paper work the height of Everest or are in your office trying to get on top of all those emails. It can be exhausting, even though it feels like you’ve not moved from one single position all day. Why not have a read of these 3 ideas below?

They are small steps you can take to feeling more refreshed, motivated and productive.

STEP OUTSIDE, it can get a little boring looking at the same room all day, and the air inside can become a little stuffy at times, but a change of scenery can do a world of good. Head outside, fill your lungs with a few deep breaths of fresh air and absorb what’s around you. What can you see, hear and smell? Observe your surroundings and focus your thoughts on these senses. No matter if you’re sitting on your front step, or plodding around the garden, you’ll be able to return to your previous tasks with a clear mind.

EXERCISE, has proven to be extremely beneficial for both physical and mental health. It creates endorphins which in turn produce a feeling of positivity. Whether it’s a short walk, a run, a swim or a gym class, it’s bound to make you feel great! It will also increase your energy levels – confusing, right? After exercising, you’d imagine that you’d be exhausted. Yes, your body may have worked hard but overall, both mentally and physically, you’ll feel recharged and ready to tackle the tasks of your day ahead.

MEET UP WITH FRIENDS (or make new ones!), a lot of time alone, it’s easy to get caught up in your own thoughts and find yourself overthinking. Your brain may be telling you that you would rather be alone. Sometimes it’s good to have time to yourself however having a friend to speak to is a great way of chatting through what you’re feeling and bringing your thoughts into perspective. Have a break, grab a coffee, go for a walk – having others around you is always comforting and can lift your spirits. Friends are there to make you smile, have a laugh with, be a listening ear and make you feel special. This happiness is a key part to a balanced, positive mind!

Enjoy a coffee with friends

Hopefully these will give you some ideas of ways to not only improve your productivity throughout the day, but also make you feel great about what you’ve achieved. Doing small things like these everyday can make a big difference in the larger picture, and can create a very balanced lifestyle. You won’t regret taking these small actions, but you may regret not doing them. So get out there, have fun and stay safe!